Alle Informationen rund um die Kostenaufstellung

Auf dieser Seite haben wir alle Informationen für Sie gesammelt, die Sie beim Ausfüllen der Kostenaufstellungen inklusive Hausnebenkostenaufstellung und Abnehmer-Nutzerliste unterstützen. Wir erweitern diese Inhalte laufend für Sie.


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Step 1: Tenant list

Step 1: Tenant list

  • Welcome to Techem's digital cost transmission.
    The first step is to log in to with your access data.
    You will see the initial page and thus the property management of your properties. After logging in, Digital cost transmission is available under the following link: .

    You will be taken to our new dashboard.


    If you do not have electronic transmission of user data records (data exchange) with Techem, start by checking and releasing the user list for the respective system before you start cost transmission. You will find this in the menu at the top left (1). Then click on User list (2).

    Checking, adjusting or confirming the user list for each installation is mandatory, even if you have not made any changes, otherwise you will not be able to transmit any costs.

    If you have an electronic transmission of the user data records (data exchange) with Techem for your systems, you can only start with the cost transmission after the data records have been transmitted and imported by Techem (approx. 3-5 working days later). You will be shown in the digital cost transmission for the respective systems that the user data records have been imported by Techem and the system can be selected for cost transmission from this point in time.

  • You can create a new user list or start checking the users via the Create button (3) If you select a new user check for an installation, you will be guided through our step-by-step wizard. For the user list, this comprises a total of four steps. Only after checking and confirming all five steps of the user list can you submit the costs for your selected installation digitally.



    If you select a new user check for an installation, you will be guided through our step-by-step wizard. For the tenant list, this comprises a total of five steps. You can only submit the costs for your selected system digitally once you have checked and confirmed all five steps of the tenant list.

  • First select an area. If you have not defined any areas in the customer portal, select the "All" area (4), which contains all your properties. If you have a large number of installations, it may take a few seconds to load until your properties are displayed as shown in the screenshot on the right.



    You will also see if a property does not require tenants or costs to be submitted. If this is not the case, select your desired property using the "Select" button. You can also use the search bar if your properties have already been loaded.

  • Please take a close look at your billing period and the address data for your property. If all the details are correct, click on "Confirm & Next" (5). If you wish to make any changes, please leave a comment.



  • Overview and check of users. You will now be shown a list of all users in the system. Check this and use the "Change user" button to make changes if necessary. You also have the option of entering advance payments (amounts on account). Once you have checked all the entries and are satisfied, please confirm by clicking on "Confirm & Next" (6) at the bottom.


  • You have made all the entries for the users of the selected system. You can leave a comment on the completion page. To send your data to Techem, use the "Finalize & Submit" button. Then start entering the costs. Select "Cost breakdown" in the menu or click on the following link.


  • Once your tenant list has been submitted, it can no longer be edited by you.

    If you wish to make changes at a later date, please submit a change request to Techem.

Step 2: Cost report

Step 2: Cost report

  • Start by submitting the costs. Select the "Create" button in the top navigation and follow the process, similar to the user list. You will see four basic steps (A-D) and then seven detailed steps (1-7) for cost transmission.